build strong & healthy hands with guitarstrength

learn a comprehensive self-care method from a professional movement specialist

the majority of musicians suffer from musculoskeletal problems at some point in their career

Symptoms for guitarists include muscle or joint complaints (especially wrist pain and hand pain), numbness or ‘pins & needles’, inflammation, weakness, loss of control or movement, or simply general tightness and discomfort.

The hands, wrists and forearms are most commonly affected, but problems can arise in the elbow, shoulder or neck region, or even in the spine.

guitarstrength brings you the best of physical therapy with simple & effective exercises so you can take care of yourself – forever

relieve pain and stiffness

Instead of chasing symptoms or spending weeks resting, you will be able to tackle the underlying causes.

boost performance

The condition of your hands and arms define your performance. Improved function means you can play better and faster.

learn self-care routines

Learn the most effective ways to offset the negative effects of playing guitar, so you can play as much as you want.

plus: a key skill for every guitarist


Being mindful of what is happening inside your body is often the missing ingredient when you are trying to achieve high performance. Top guitarists (and other professionals, such as athletes and artists) can do what they do, because they have mastered body awareness – and thus, control and speed.

In addition to helping you improve the physical state of your hands and arms, guitarstrength places great emphasis on developing body awareness, so you can:


improve your playing and technique faster, or break plateaus


play with more ease, and be more expressive


recognize the first signs of overuse, and take action

helping guitarists since 2017

The first version of this course was offered locally, with great success – guitarstrength is version 2.0, bringing it to a whole new level.

I started playing guitar more than 15 years ago and have had tendonitis twice. This time around, the learned exercises helped a great deal – especially the nerve mobilization technique, as it instantly revitalizes my whole arm, improves circulation and aids regeneration.

Z. Ronai

Guitarist, Vibe

I lift weights and play guitar… I had wrist pain, especially on the left side, which was fractured years ago. The method is easy to follow and helps me stay pain-free.

Attila Komor

Hobby guitarist

learn the method


3 hours of advanced video guide to better health and higher performance for guitarists and other musicians

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What is guitarstrength exactly?

What is guitarstrength exactly?

Guitarists – or musicians in general – rarely think about their health, and that’s a problem. Learn how you can become a better musician by taking the guitarstrength course.

Healing from injuries without resting?

Healing from injuries without resting?

Learn why chronic issues (like hand or wrist pain from guitar) don’t respond well to rest, and what to do instead.
It’s a common misconception that resting is the best remedy for musculoskeletal issues, and that’s one of the reasons why many musicians don’t do anything about their problems – fear that they will be forbidden to play for weeks or months.