the story behind guitarstrength

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Gergely Olah // Greg

Gergely Olah // Greg


Everlearning movement specialist, guitarist since 2009

it all began in 2013

Some say that if you find a particular topic or subject incredibly interesting, but others don’t, then you have found your passion, and that is the path you should follow.

In 2013 my life (and my way of thinking) changed dramatically as I started learning about how people move and how it is possible to improve that, and how to treat musculoskeletal pains and dysfunctions.

Being thirsty for knowledge, I spent the following few years exploring this field. I left my previous profession, started working with a renowned movement specialist, and had the opportunity to learn from several brilliant people, each of them a master in their craft.

From the very beginning, there was no turning back (not that I ever wanted to). I’m now a practicing movement specialist, helping people mostly with back and upper limb problems in my practice.

Movement quality, posture, fascia, biomechanics, movement patterns, nutrition science, psychosomatics, psychology:

These are the things that define how we function as humans, both physically and mentally. And they also form the foundation we need to build on for everyday health, or high performance in sports, art, or music.

successful since 2017

The idea for guitarstrength (or, more precisely, its predecessor) came to me in 2015.

Playing guitar and training a lot (damn you, kettlebells!) gifted me with stubborn wrist pain. It was a gift indeed, as it made me realize that many other musicians – in fact, most of them – have similar problems from time to time.

After spending time researching and experimenting, I started the first version of this system in 2017, in my home country, Hungary. After teaching and helping countless guitarists and bassists personally or through my online course, I felt it was time to make the leap, and go international.

I hope you will find it useful!