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here’s a secret about guitar tendonitis…

Most people (including medical professionals) believe that tendonitis is simply an inflammatory condition, and will benefit from anti-inflammatory medication.

But that’s not entirely true. Clearly, there is some inflammation, but the root of the issue is degeneration of the tendon due to overuse and muscle imbalances.

This is why conventional treatment of guitar tendonitis is unsuccessful most of the time: masking inflammation with icing, NSAIDs or steroids only works in the short-term. So, taking this route will lead to tendonitis becoming a recurring problem for years or even decades to come, because the root issue still exists.

Treating guitar tendonitis with ice

Icing is helpful but it’s only treating the symptoms.

To see real, lasting results, we have to repair the physical damage to the tendon.

This route requires some thinking and learning, and of course, a daily routine that takes about 5-10 minutes. But at least you will successfully heal your guitar tendonitis.

instead of relying on internet advice, learn from a professional

Gergely Olah (aka Greg) | Movement specialist & guitarist

Gergely Olah (aka Greg) | Movement specialist & guitarist

I help musicians get rid of playing-related injuries like wrist pain, tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome since 2017, with my 7 years of experience in the field of movement and health.

“Previously available information on the internet was outdated or simply ineffective.

I created guitarstrength to teach guitarists the fastest and easiest ways to become free from painful symptoms – for life.”

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